As regular readers know, I broke my arm at a Pagan event three weeks ago. Since, I have been contending with lining up a specialist to do surgery to reset it, having the surgery, and recovery.

I am in the boring phase of this process. I can’t do much, and I’m chained to my bed where I await the alarm for taking pills every two hours. Even though I can type with two hands now, I have been bone-dry for ideas about what to write on. And with a broken arm, I can’t very well do much on my job search…especially on a Saturday.

Meanwhile, Moon Meet is a week off and I have the lurking feeling that there is some preparation I should be doing that I have overlooked.

Sometimes life is like this. There is a lull between spates of activity, and all you can do is wait, be in the moment, and enjoy an opportunity to relax. So here I am…reemerging from silence on a bright, warm Saturday, to say hello and get back in touch.

As it happens, the recent topic on the Pagan Perspectives YouTube channel has been about homes and altars, so tomorrow I will video a “guided tour” of my Focus (altar), explaining the meaning of the various things found there, and post it to the Atheopagan channel.

I hope you find it enjoyable, and find as much relaxation and stress-free ease in your life right now as I am seeking to pursue in mine. A happy weekend to you!

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