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Ancient Viking Town added to Unesco’s World Heritage List

After 14 years of tireless work, the Viking town Hedeby, along with Dannevirke, which is the biggest defensive fortification in northern Europe, has now finally been accepted on Unesco’s world heritage list. Dannevirke is one of Denmark’s strongest national symbols and northern Europe’s greatest ancient monument. The construction of Dannevirke started during the late Iron […]

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Iceland’s First Asatru Temple in 1000 years will soon be ready

In Iceland the first Asatru (Icelandic: Ásatrú) temple for nearly 1000 years, will soon be completed and open its doors for its members, and for the people who are interested. This Asatru temple is currently being constructed on a hill in the beautiful and peaceful woodlands of Öskjuhlíð in Reykjavik. This area seems to have been an […]

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A Buddhist Goddess

Tara’s entry into the Buddhist pantheon was a very slow process. It began in many ways, with the rise in Mahayana Buddhism, about 500 years after the Buddha passed away. In this new school, people asked about the compassion of the Buddha, beyond his wisdom, and these conversations on compassion lead to the creation of […]

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